Lawsuit Sought Over Quick-trick Overcharging at Gas Stations

An NIS 124 million lawsuit was brought against 3 gas stations for allegedly inflating income at the gas pump.

Dor Alon, Sonol, Paz and Delek were hit with an NIS 124 million class action motion yesterday. Eyal Gur, claims the three are inflating income at the gas pump: gasoline meters and the accompanying charge meters began operating after customers swipe credit cards, but before a drop of gas had been delivered.

Gur started keeping trackand claims the problem recurred at various gas stations, at a variety of locations and hours of the day. In some cases the extra charge involved a few dozen agorot and in other cases the charge reached a few shekels before the pump even began to deliver fuel.

He taped instances of the problem on video and appealed to the investigative consumer affairs show Kolbotek. The program's researchers confirmed his findings.

Gur elaborated a number of specific instances: At the Dor Alon station at the eastern exit of Hadera, Gur says he was falsely charged NIS 1.10. At the Emek Hefer industrial zone he was fraudulently billed NIS 1, and at the Dor Alon filling station at Kibbutz Haon he was charged NIS 5.55 for gas that he never received. At the Sonol station in Bat Galim he was charged an extra NIS 0.77. Kolbotek investigators checking his claims were charged an extra NIS 2.95 at the Dor Alon station at Bnei Dror for gasoline never received, and at Paz, Sonol and Dor Alon stations in the Hadrea area, Kolbotek investigators were charged NIS 0.26-0.76 before the pump began to deliver fuel.

The petitioner added that the program's investigators were dispatched to numerous gas stations around the country and found similar instances of fraudulent charges.

Gur says that once previews for the scheduled Kolbotek program began to air, he noticed that fuel pumps at a number of gas stations had been taken out of commission, and that changes had been made to the pumping systems.

Sonol, Dor Alon, Paz and Delek said they have not yet received the claim, and they will respond accordingly once they have received it and had the opportunity to review it.