Lands Administration to Strike on Sunday

Workers to shutdown all ILA services.

Israel Lands Administration employees will begin work sanctions on Sunday morning, after reaching a dead end in their negotiations with ILA management. The workers are demanding compensation for erosion in their pay.

In practice, the sanctions will actually be the equivalent of a strike. Employees will come to the office, but they will not provide any services. They will not receive the public, not answer telephones, not send out mail and not publish any tenders. They will also not provide any services or accept bids on tenders that have already been published either.

This also means that thousands of real estate deals cannot be completed. In addition, ILA workers will not provide any approval for additional building on state land, transfer of property rights or registration.

The Histadrut labor federation officially declared a work dispute at the ILA last July, but the 720 workers have waited until now to take action, as management and the union were conducting negotiations over the workers salary demands.

The ILA has also been conducting a reorganization and cutbacks.

The ILA spokeswoman confirmed that negotiations between management and the workers had been halted, but refused to say any more.