Know They Neighbor

Average monthly residents' committee fees have risen over the past decade by a rate similar to that of the consumer price index - 88 percent. Today average monthly residents' committee fees are NIS 98. The highest average monthly residents' committee fees are in the central region (NIS 121), while the lowest are in the northern region (NIS 79). These figures were compiled in a special study conducted by the Brandman Market Research, which interviewed 503 people in a representative sample of the adult Hebrew-speaking population.

The study found that 87 percent of apartment buildings have residents' committees that collect monthly fees. Eleven percent of the buildings had no committee and no fees, and in 2 percent of the buildings the committee manages to run the building without charging fees.

A total of 704,400 households throughout Israel pay some NIS 830 million in residents' committee fees annually. These fees cover the following maintenance expenses: cleaning the common areas (in 81 percent of the buildings), gardening (67 percent), elevator maintenance (40 percent), renovations and investments in the common areas (33 percent), gas (15 percent), communal water heating (11 percent), miscellaneous (16 percent) and pool maintenance (2 percent).