Israeli Business Leaders Seek New Fortunes in Singapore

Singapore's real estate sector is growing fast and Israeli real estate barons are there. At least, they're going there to share in Bank Hapoalim's ceremony inaugurating a branch in Singapore. Among (unconfirmed) participants are Nochi Dankner, Eliezer Fishman and Nathan Hetz, all considering real estate opportunities in Singapore and Indonesia. Shari Arison, who owns Hapoalim, will also be joined by Uri Shani, CEO of Housing and Construction, which she also owns, and Buki Oren of Arison Investments, who will review business opportunities in the Singapore water sector. Business moguls will also meet there with the top management of large Indonesian corporations in various fields, including real estate, banking, energy and infrastructure. Although a Muslim country,Indonesia is an important target for Israeli businessmen because of its size. With a population of 240 million, its developing economy offers opportunities in all areas.