Israeli Aviation Under Scrutiny

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) will conduct a broad examination of the entire aviation sector in Israel, starting January 22, in view of the problems that have come to light in recent years.

Changes is the Israel Civil Aviation Administration (ICAA) will serve as the starting point for the examination. However, due to disagreements between the transportation and finance ministries, as well as the Civil Service Commission, the reforms in the ICAA have yet to take-off; and this could harm the results of the ICAO's study and Israel's standing in the world aviation sector.

If the reforms are not finished by the start of the examination, it could lead to actions, and possibly to sanctions, against Israeli aviation in world markets. For example, if the report discovers faults that have not been corrected from previous examinations, the ICAO could publish safety warnings about flights to or from Israel.

This could lead not only to the cancellation of flights by foreign airlines, but also to higher insurance costs, which would be translated into higher fare prices. The open issues relating to the planned reforms include salary scales and organizational framework.