Israel Demands Back Taxes From Supermodel Bar Refaeli

Refaeli seeks to be declared nonresident for tax purposes; ITA wants model to pay back taxes.

Supermodel Bar Refaeli may have made it into the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue once again, but that just encouraged the Israel Tax Authority to demand more money.

Refaeli's representatives have been negotiating with the taxman for months on an agreement to declare her a nonresident of Israel for tax purposes. That would save her hundreds of thousands of shekels a year.

But the ITA has countered with a demand for large amounts in unpaid back taxes. The Tax Authority argues that the center of her life is still in Israel, even if her company is registered in Singapore, her bank accounts are not in Israel and she spends over half the year abroad.

The authorities also say she does not pay any tax in the United States, where most of her income originates - so she must pay up here.