IMD Study: Israel Tops List on R&D Spending

A study conducted by Swiss research institute IMD in cooperation with the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce has ranked Israel as first among the 55 most developed countries in the world when it comes to public and private spending on research and development compared to GDP. The study also found Israel has the most skilled engineers in the work force, ranked second in raising capital for business development, and second in information technology. In contrast, Israel placed 52nd with regard to participation of men and women in the work force, and 42nd in its ability to maintain stable labor relations.

The study also reviewed countries' performance according to four indices: economic efficiency, government efficiency, business efficiency and infrastructure. Israel ranks 33rd, 25th, 16th and 14th in each respectively.In real GDP growth Israel ranks 26th. GDP per capita in dollar terms ranks Israel in 33rd place, while in terms of direct investment by foreign residents it ranks fairly high, in 6th place.