IEC Chair Offered to Effi Eitam

Former minister Effi Eitam may become the Israel Electric Corporation's next chairman. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has offered him the job. Eitam has met with and received the blessings of Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz and National Infrastructure Minister Uzi Landau. Eitam is leaning toward accepting the offer, TheMarker has learned.

Technically he would have to join the board as a director, after which the board could elect him chairman.

Knesset sources say Eitam's candidacy to become a director will soon be brought before the committee that vets candidates for high positions in government companies. The sources say Eitam's a shoo-in for a directorship; the board would then be asked to vote for him as chairman. Some observers also say the job offer is a reward for Eitam's support for Netanyahu during the last elections.

Eitam has experience with the company and the energy sector, having served as national infrastructure minister from September 2002 to March 2003. At present he advises an energy company, a function he would presumably have to cease if he joins the IEC board.