I Still Shop at Tiv Taam

The second round of Kolbotek vs. Tiv Taam ended in knockout. Tiv Taam wound up bleeding on the ground, because its childish counter-campaign flopped. It flopped because the retailer had hired the most expensive image consultants but didn't tell the truth.

Tiv Taam claimed that ex-workers with a grudge had staged the footage of the feline. But a picture is worth a thousand words and the picture showed a cat perched on meat. A real one, not a vengeful one either. Big mistake, Tiv Taam: you'd have done better to blink once and then apologize.

Thing is, Kolbotek comes off even worse. It shot a guided missile at a poor little hungry homeless cat. It launched a mega-war over a non-event. Tiv Taam was right that the show didn't prove there was anything unhealthy about its meat: all it showed was a peckish puss eating scraps from the garbage, and some sleepy night workers who didn't shoo the beast. And, cats climbed onto a pallet that came from cold storage through the store. That was it.

OK, Tiv Taam could improve its hygiene, but the whole incident is a storm in a cat's water bowl. It isn't right to stop shopping at Tiv Taam. I personally will continue shopping there, because it's got a great range, it's fun, the help is courteous and Kolbotek's expose isn't worth a hill of beans. Forgive and forget.