Hollandia Abandoning Sderot Because of the Missile Attacks

Hollandia is considering relocating its factory in Sderot to an alternative site out of the range of Qassam rockets. It first obtained the support of about 90% of its factory workers for the move. The factory is lagging in deliveries to customers, and half of its employees left due to the rocket fire. The factory employed 50 workers before the exodus.

Hollandia CEO Avi Barssessat said the factory sustained about NIS 10 million in damages since the rocket strikes began. A half-empty container was shipped to Spain yesterday, because the factory was unable to meet its production obligations to a customer. Shipment of an order designated for Russia has been delayed for the same reason.

Nehara Industries in the South also reports that 20% of its employees have abandoned ship, and that it has sustained NIS 1.8 million in damages. Industrialists in the South are worried by the lack of a warning system and protection mechanisms within the firms. Company owners say the cost of insurance is rising, while the price of the land used to secure bank loans is falling, creating liquidity concerns.