Histadrut Plans Strike Over Yahav Services Tender

The Histadrut labor federation is threatening to close down government offices before Passover, and it's not over the withheld wages in the local authorities. This strike hinges on the decision to continue the tender for banking services for the civil service union, which are currently provided by Bank Yahav.

The Histadrut owns 25 percent of the bank's shares.

Union chair Uriel Yaakobi said the tender would not benefit the civil servants, who currently enjoy excellent conditions with Bank Yahav. Yaakobi is also a board member at the bank.

The tender is designed to reduce the government's costs, he said. The government currently subsidizes the bank.

"We oppose holding a tender that conditions the provision of some loans on switching from Bank Yahav to a different bank," Yaakobi said. "Civil servants are entitled to loan without it being stipulated which bank they use," he added. Yaakobi said he had recently reached an agreement with Bank Yahav under which the bank would provide employees with banking services without charging them fees.