Histadrut Disbands Clerical Union Administration

Eini deposes Morozovsky for leaving Histadrut.

The Histadrut labor federation decided yesterday to disband all the institutions of the Clerical Workers Union (Maof).

The decision of the Histadrut's Coordination Committee, led by Histadrut chairman Ofer Eini, means that the head of the rebel union, Leon Morozovsky, has been deposed from his post as head of the union.

The Clerical Workers Union is the national union for clerical workers, administrative and public employees, including the employees of local authorities and religious councils.

The committee meeting was originally intended to serve as a hearing for Morozovsky as a result of his announcement on Wednesday that his Clerical Workers Union was breaking with the Histadrut and setting up an independent framework to represent its 200,000 members.

The union also includes workers from the banks, and retail chains.

But Morozovsky did not appear for the hearing and the Histadrut decided to strip him of his role.

The Histadrut's assembly will meet on Sunday to decide on the establishment of a temporary body to run the union until a new permanent head is appointed to replace Morozovsky.

Morozovsky sent Eini a scathing letter yesterday, explaining that he chose not to appear since he considers the process to be a kangaroo court, and adding that Eini had brought guards to take control in "an illegal and violent manner" of the union's offices.

He further claimed that Eini had driven out workers, blockaded doors and changed locks, and had also interfered with the computer systems; all to prevent the union's staff from working. He also said that Histadrut leaders personally threatened union employees if they joined Morozovsky's new movement.

Morozovsky claimed that he was preparing for a vote among union members in which he will offer them the choice between remaining in the Histadrut or leaving it and staying in the Clerical Workers Union.

He has also hired a high-powered political advisory firm and lawyers to prepare for the break from the Histadrut and the formation of a new independent representative organization for Israeli workers.