Hirchson Wants to Fire Bad Teachers

Finance Minister Abraham Hirchson will demand that Education Minister Yuli Tamir agree to allow bad teachers to be fired as a condition for any reform she carries out in the education sector.

Hirchson made this clear in his speech to the Caesarea Conference last week.

Hirchson said that "the problem with the education system is not only a lack of budget. The Israeli education system is entitled to better teachers. "

As far as is known, Tamir did not accept this condition - she told the conference that there was no need for structural changes in the education system, and that the problem was a lack of budget.

As well as flexibility on the part of teachers, the Education Ministry is examining other measures designed to make the system more efficient. Among these are decentralization by increasing the authority of school headmasters.

The Finance Ministry is considering moving school heads over to personal contracts, and to turn them into real managers, with authority over the school budget, hiring teachers etc.

Another item on the agenda is increasing competition between schools by cancelling enrollment areas.