Hebrew U. Students Complain of Unfair Internet Squeeze

The Students Union at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem has sent a complaint to Antitrust Commissioner Ronit Kan, raising the suspicion that the university is violating the law. According to the students' claims, the university does not let them receive services from the HOT cable company - only from Bezeq - which allegedly is an illegal restrictive trade practice.

Students are not allowed to use HOT's Internet services in the new dormitories near the university called the "Students Village." According to the head of the Students Union, Yakir Segev, the university requires them to use Bezeq connections only, even though Internet provider Barak has promised the students free connections.

The university responded: "The Students Village was established by the Africa Israel and Minrav companies, and they are responsible for operating it and providing the services there. The companies chose to bring in Bezeq's infrastructure. The university committed itself to check and follow up on the prices set by the village's mangement, to ensure that the students pay fair prices."