Health Ministry: Mei Eden, Neviot Not Cleared to Resume Water Sales

The Health Ministry announced yesterday that Mei Eden and Neviot cannot resume sales of their bottled mineral water until Sunday at the earliest, if the latest batch of laboratory tests come back satisfactory.

Meanwhile, people with home water coolers complained to TheMarker yesterday that Mei Eden did not deliver the jugs as expected or provide bottled water and also failed to notify them.

"I was supposed to get a delivery Wednesday. Mei Eden didn't call or send me a replacement, so I was left with no water. I had to read about the problem in the paper and put two and two together," one Mei Eden customer said.

Both Mei Eden and Neviot announced over the last several days that they had suspended pumping from their springs, in the Golan Heights and in Kiryat Shmona, respectively, due to inconsistent water quality test results. Mei Eden said it was offering customers a case of 48 half-liter bottles for the price of a 19-liter jug. Alternatively, they could decline the offer and to have their February fee waived. Mei Eden has about 150,000 subscribers to its jug delivery service.

Mei Eden stated in response: "From early this week the distribution center has been calling customers scheduled for deliveries to inform them of the situation and offer alternatives. We apologize to customers if for any reason they were not contacted, and offer them the services of our customer hotline, our Web site and the company's customer forum."