Haredi Women in Tech Jobs Paid Less

A study by Prof. Dalya Moore of the College of Management has shown that even though men are paid NIS 9,000 a month on average, while women earn an average of just NIS 5,900 a month, women do not dare demand equality in wages. The study, which encompassed 450 Jewish workers, shows that the women are aware of the wage gap, but still do not dare to ask for more.

When asked what salary they think they deserve, they noted NIS 9,500, even though they said this amount was much less than they thought was necessary to cover their day-to-day expenses, which they estimated at NIS 12,000 a month.

Men, on the other hand, asked for a much higher amount. In other words, women still think they deserve less than men.

"Of course, if you don't ask for it, you won't get it," says Moore, who calls on women "to start demanding what they deserve, and not to make do with a low salary."

The study compared the wages of secular women to that of traditional and religious women. While more than 75 percent of secular women do demand equality with men who do the same job, only 50 percent of traditional and 11 percent of religious women do. Accordingly, employers offer traditional and religious women salaries that are 10-20 percent lower than those they offer to secular women.

According to the study, religious and traditional women support the idea that the man is the principal breadwinner, and therefore they invest less in their careers