Gov't Giving NIS 300 Million to Galilee Egg, Poultry Farms

The Knesset Finance Committee approved an amendment to the Galilee Law on Monday, which will provide NIS 300 million in grants and subsidies over the next 10 years to Galilee egg and chicken farmers.

According to the amendment, the state will allocate NIS 260 million in grants for the egg production sector, and another NIS 40 million for financing activities needed for the preparation of land and the installation of the necessary infrastructure for chicken coops. In addition, the subsidies for egg and chicken farmers will be granted in such a way that the amount decreases inversely to the proportion of production by Galilee farmers out of the total egg production in Israel.

The amendment's purpose is to encourage investment in the edible egg industry, which will help make the production and marketing of eggs more efficient, improve health and veterinary conditions and egg storage environment. The law is due to come into affect in January 2009.

Committee chairman MK Stas Misezhnikov called the amendment "very important, because it provides economic incentives for farmers in the North, who suffered a grave blow from the Second Lebanon War."