Gaydamak's Paris Arms Dealing Trial Expected to Be Called Off

Arcadi Gaydamak's Paris trial for arms trafficking is expected to be called off.

Gaydamak was going to stand trial for selling Russian arms to Angola between 1993 and 2000. The trial was to start October 6.

The French Ministry of Defense recommended that the Justice Ministry and the court close the file, after the ministry concluded that the acts did not violate French law, as the arms sales did not take place inside France.

Several other people, including a French businessman, were also charged in the affair.

Gaydamak has brokered various oil deals for the Angolan government, as well as government arms purchases from Russia. He says all the deals were legal agreements between two countries, and not with Angolan rebels.

Gaydamak's spokesman, Yossi Milstein, confirmed the report and said Gaydamak was now able to enter France freely.