Food Giant Counting on Supplier Bonuses

Supersol will receive NIS 100 million from its suppliers as a result of growth in its sales turnover if the Clubmarket deal is approved, senior food industry sources believe. Many of the firm's suppliers have bonus agreements with Supersol based on the level of sales growth, the sources point out, which had been set much lower before the Clubmarket affair broke.

The sources explain that in essence suppliers would be partially funding Supersol's acquisition of Clubmarket. Retail industry sources expect Supersol to try and collect these bonuses from suppliers to fund converting Clubmarket branches into Supersol stores.

Supersol chair Avraham Bigger and CEO Effi Rosenhaus refused to answer when asked this question in an interview with Haaretz.

Industry sources say that Supersol's decision to offer NIS 1 billion for Clubmarket stemmed from the estimate that it could press the suppliers to cover part of the chain's costs. A Supersol spokesperson commented that the company does not respond to speculations that are out of place.