Fischer, Lindenstrauss to Discuss Dankner Ouster, Wage Supervision

State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss will meet today with Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer to discuss the comptroller's investigation into the central bank. The probe is focusing on the central bank's handling of its demand to oust Bank Hapoalim's former chairman, Dan Dankner.

The two will also discuss the proposed mechanism for overseeing of central bank wages.

Lindenstrauss launched an investigation into the central bank's handling of Dankner's ouster in late May, following a meeting with Bank Hapoalim's controlling shareholder Shari Arison, who lodged a complaint to Lindenstrauss about Fischer and the Supervisor of Banks Rony Hizkiyahu.

Lindenstrauss has received the documents necessary for the investigation from Arison and the Bank of Israel, but is still waiting on additional records from the central bank.

Fischer asked Lindenstrauss to meet to discuss the matter, after which Lindenstrauss will decide how to proceed.

Fischer will explain the underlying motives behind the central bank's decision regarding Dankner, and will try to rebut Arison's criticism of the bank's handling of the matter.

The central bank governor will also attempt to address Lindenstrauss' concerns over the central bank's new mechanism for overseeing wages within the bank, which has been incorporated in a new Bank of Israel bill. Lindenstrauss believes the bill's provisions for proper overseeing of the bank's salaries are insufficient.

The central bank governor will outline the mechanism proposed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and will argue that the mechanism covers its stated purpose.