Employees Unable to Go to Work Will Receive July Wages

The government, the unions and the employers have reached agreement in principle on the payment of wages to workers who were forced to stay at home because of the fighting in the North.

Finance Ministry Budget Director Kobi Haber said that "the principles for the construction of a model for the payment of the wages of workers who were absent from work because of the security situation have been agreed upon."

Haber said that the compensation would be paid to employers who pay their employees their July salary on time.

"All workers in the areas where the population was ordered into shelters will be compensated for the days when the instructions were valid," said Manufacturers' Association President Shraga Brosh, at the end of a meeting with the heads of the Finance Ministry, the Trade, Industry and Labor Ministry and the unions. He said that several things had not yet been decided - the amount of the compensation, who will receive it and who will pay for it - the government on its own, or the employers and the workers too.

Finance Minister Abraham Hirchson said "it's very important, that all workers in the North should receive their July salary on time." He said that he instructed his ministry to hold intensive talks with the representatives of the workers and the employers to reach an agreement on the timely payment of salaries.

The treasury had raised the possibility that the employers and workers should participate in the payment of the compensation. This would mean that workers would not receive their whole salary, and that payments such as overtime would not be included.

The employers' representatives and the workers opposed this proposal. However, they are expected to agree to the principle that a worker who did go to work would receive more than one who did not.

In order to pay the salary a team consisting of the Home Front Command, the government, the employers and the unions will ascertain where orders were given for the populace to go into the shelters, and on which days.

A list of missile strikes held by the Home Front Command will be the basis for the awarding of compensation.