El Al Offering Election Day Discounts

El Al is offering a special discount to Israeli citizens overseas for flights arriving in time to vote in the February 10 elections for the 18th Knesset. In addition, the national airline is offering special deals on tickets purchased on election day or the day after, for spring and summer season flights.

The head of El Al's marketing department, Amit Livni, said that a 25% discount on tickets to Israel for the elections will apply to flights from New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Brussels, Athens, Budapest, Prague, Warsaw, Johannesburg, Ukraine and Bucharest.

Ticket from New York and Toronto, for instance, will cost $629, and $949 from Los Angeles, including taxes and additional fees. The special discounts apply to flights out of New York and Los Angeles arriving in Israel on February 7-9 and returning on February 11-13. Discounted tickets from Toronto apply to flights arriving in the country on February 5-8 and departing February 12-15. El Al in partnership with Hertz are also offering a free rental car for three days for passengers from Europe, and four days for clients from more distant destinations.

About 3,000 discounted tickets will also be offered to Israelis who chose to buy flight tickets to a variety of destinations for the spring and summer seasons. Livni said that tickets for European and North American destinations will be marked down by $100-150, and by $200 for destinations in the Far East and South Africa. A ticket to New York for flights departing on March 25 that is purchased and issued on election day or the following day will cost $599 instead of $749.