El Al Cancels Early Check-in Service

El Al is about to put an end to early check-in services outside of the airport in Israel. As part of the airline's cost cutting measures, and in light of the small number of passengers who use the service, El Al will close its remaining center at the Arlozorov train station in Tel Aviv on December 31. El Al estimates that the step will save the company NIS 1 million a year.

The center served only El Al and Swiss passengers, though foreign airlines are attempting to set up an early check-in center in cooperation with the Airports Authority somewhere in the center of the country.

El Al responded: "As a result of the increased use of check-in services on the Internet, and the significant drop in the early check-in services, a decision was made to close the service."

In other aviation news, the steep drop in the number of tourists visiting Israel combined with an oversupply of seats on routes to the country, have brought on a wave of price reductions from European airlines that fly to Israel.

The drop in fuel prices has also added to the price cuts, and airlines such as Austrian and Lufthansa are offering a wide range of vacations and flights at lower prices around Europe and America.