Ehud Barak to Advise Tamir Fishman Group

The Tamir Fishman group announced yesterday that former prime minister Ehud Barak will join its investment bank advisory board and become a partner in the group's private equity operations.

Barak joins former U.S. undersecretary of state Stuart Eisenstadt, professor Amir Barnea and former ambassador Uri Bar-Ner. Barak is slated to help the group with business development, the establishment of private investment funds, and penetration of new markets and products.

Joint CEOs Danny Fishman and Eldad Tamir welcomed Barak as a member of the group's advisory board and an active partner in the private equity activity. "Mr. Barak will contribute considerably to the group and to its continued development," the two noted. "Private equity is one of Tamir Fishman's areas of special emphasis, and Mr. Barak's experience will contribute added value to this activity."

Barak said Tamir Fishman is held in great esteem in professional circles. He expressed his pleasure at joining its advisory board and engaging in the group's private equity activity.

Barak is now active in business and, among other things, advises several hedge funds on Wall Street and in London. He is also involved in private equity funds in the U.S. and Europe.