Domino's Pizza Aims Higher, Slices Its Prices in Relaunch

Three months after rescuing Domino's Pizza from demise, the new owners - Assaf Greenberg, Yossi Elbaz and Danny Gold - launched the company's new image yesterday, including a revamped menu and lower prices.

"Domino's Pizza is considered expensive," said Greenberg, explaining why meat-topped pizzas will now sell for NIS 70, down from NIS 85, with vegetarian pizzas priced at NIS 65.

"The prices have fallen 12-18 percent," he continued. "The company is leaner and more in tune; head office has been reduced and therefore so have our costs and there are no bank debts."

The chain will continue to focus on its delivery service, noting the importance of the home-delivered pizza market. Around 85-90 percent of Domino's revenues are from its deliveries. Greenberg said they would like to see the company reach a 45 percent market share.

The pizza market is estimated to be worth around NIS 400-450 million a year.