Discount Bank Buys 'Golden Commercial' Slots on Survivor

Israel Discount Bank has bought the "golden commercial break" on the Channel 10 reality series "Survivor" for NIS 1.5 million.

This is the slot just before the weekly elimination of a contestant, and it is longer than usual, between 60 and 82 seconds. It can be used for showing particularly long commercial spots and has the highest number of viewers.

Discount will be getting 12 weeks of these breaks for its money, and it works out to about NIS 150,000 per 82-second spot and NIS 110,000 for the one-minute spots, according to industry sources. This is actually only a part of the bank's NIS 7 million campaign starring Modi Bar-On, who recently signed a $600,000 deal for three more years with the bank.

As to whether the deal with Channel 10 really is worth it, the ratings seem to say yes. Last Wednesday's Survivor show beat out its rival from Channel 2, Kolbotek. Last week's Survivor set a record for this season of 23%, up from 18.7% the week before, and passed Kolbotek for the first time. The investigative reporting show had its season low that day, a 20.2% rating, down from 21.8% the previous week.

Survivor's effect carried over to the other Channel 10 shows on Wednesday night, pulling up their ratings too.

Just for comparison, the broadcasts of the Winograd Committee press conference drew 8.4% on channel 2, 5.5% on Channel 10, and 4.5% on Channel 1.