Despite Terror Plot, U.K. Flights to Operate Today

Air traffic between Britain and Israel was not spared by the terror scare that closed London's Heathrow airport yesterday. Several hundred passengers found their flights to London delayed, and in some cases missed connecting flights after the British airfield reopened.

The departure of El Al flight 315, normally a morning Tel Aviv-London flight, was delayed by four hours, and took off in the afternoon. British Airways flight 165 took off from London for Tel Aviv two hours late.

All of today's flights between the two countries are expected to operate, so long as there are no further incidents. However, in the wake of aviation officials' success in foiling a reported plot to detonate explosives on U.S.-bound aircraft departing from Heathrow, passengers boarding flights in the U.K. will continue to be prohibited from carrying hand luggage. Travelers flying from Tel Aviv through Britain will have to check carry-on luggage before before boarding connections there. This emergency rule applies to all airlines.

British authorities have arrested 21 suspects, reportedly Pakistani-born British citizens, who are members of a ring that may include up to 50 members. Because the plans reportedly included use of a liquid explosive, passengers flying in and out of U.K. airports may not carry Gatorade, soft drinks or electronic key chains.