Court Orders Tadiran Workers to Open Gates at Holon Facility

Tel Aviv Regional Labor Court Judge Varda Samet instructed workers at Tadiran Communications to stop blocking entrance to the company's Holon site and to allow free access to the company's warehouses for the next week.

Tadiran's management had asked the court for an injunction against the workers, who are striking in protest at not being guaranteed their pension rights after the company merges with Nasdaq-listed Elbit Systems.

Meanwhile, Tadiran management has proposed early retirement for at least a third of its 450 permanent workforce. However the irate staffers believe this is but a back-door tactic by the defense company to make dismissals. "The company is actually making a profit, some $70 million a year" the workers committee said, "and we are not convinced there is an urgency for dismissals."

Tadiran Communications is a leading world player for military communications technology. Tadiran's shares dropped 1.1 percent in Tel Aviv yesterday.