Cellphones Are the Biggest Change

Israelis see the cellular telephone as exceptionally innovative, and view it as the product that changed their consumer habits the most, according to 14 percent of those sampled in a TheMarker survey.

Next, with 12 percent, were a number of products in the field of computers − 7 percent for the computer itself, 4 percent for the Internet, and only 1 percent for various computer peripherals such as disk-on-key.

Other technology-based products such as DVDs, iPods, digital cameras and televisions garnered just 11 percent in total of the choices.

Food products came in third place, with 6 percent, with respect to products that changed lifestyles and consumer habits. The group included innovative milk products such as yogurts and ice cream; as well as breakfast cereals, bread and soya drinks.

Another 6 percent chose cleaning products, such as wet wipes, and other products known specifically by their brand names, with 2 percent noting cosmetic products such as skin creams and anti-aging products, as well as sun blocks and tanning products.

A third of those surveyed could not name any innovative product that changed their consumer habits; or said that there was no such product.