Can-Fite Develops Fast-track to Clinical Trials

Can-Fite BioPharma has developed a test to improve the odds of successful clinical trials on the company's pharmaceuticals.

The medical technology company develops drugs related to A3 adenosine receptors. The point being - this receptor is found in large quantities in inflamed and cancerous cells, but less so in healthy cells. The company's blood test measures the level of A3 adenosine, which reflects the number of diseased cells.

The company has filed for patent protection on the test. Tests performed by the company have shown that high levels of adenosine responded to treatment with CF101, which the company is developing. As a result, the new test will be able to predict a patient's response to the drug before the course begins. Can-Fite CEO, Prof. Pnina Fishman, says pretesting for likely response to therapy serves as an important tool in advanced therapeutic methods.

Can-Fite is in the advanced stages of developing two drugs: CF101 for rheumatoid arthritis, dry eye syndrome and psoriasis and CF102, for the treatment of liver cancer and hepatitis. The company estimates the second stage of clinical trials on CF102 will begin within months.