Business in Brief

A handyman who got catalog numbers confused and painted an apartment in pink will have to pay 75% of the cost of repainting it beige. The Ramat Hasharon couple who hired the painter were sorely vexed to find their dream domicile a shade of rose, despite supplying a specific catalog number for the shade they wanted. It turned out that the catalog IDs of "pink" (p 6093) and "beige" (p 6063) were very close. The couple never actually told the painter what the color was supposed to be, but the painter should have double-checked, said the arbitrator. The couple was ordered to pay 25% of the repainting and NIS 10,000 for the original work in pink.

A Rishon Letzion court has imposed a NIS 460,000 fine on a company and its managers for befouling street at its doorstep with waste. Nor was this innocuous paper waste; the company in question is a fowl slaughterhouse. From 2001 to 2007 Ofot Gavrieli allowed chicken parts, blood, guano and feathers to stream into the street. An order to shutter the place had been issued in April, yet Avi Gavrieli and Eli Darwish continued to operate it, the court said. They could have improved the situation within days, had they wanted to, the court ruled, but held the law in contempt. Aside from the company's fine, Gavrieli was personally fined NIS 50,000 and Darwish was fined NIS 10,000.

The Environmental Protection Ministry dispatched 92 warning letters yesterday to tire importers, including some of the largest motor vehicle importers in the local market, warning them that their failure to comply with the law requiring them to collect used tire treads would make them liable for a fine. The law requires companies to recycle the same quantity of old tires as new tires marketed by the firms that year. While the NIS 33,650 could balloon to NIS 134,600, presumably the fine is still less than the cost of collecting the tires.

Bezeq phone company has launched a television campaign for Bgames, a new on-demand game service that it is offering for a monthly fee. Bgames is part of Bezeq's strategy to identify new growth engines for the company, with the erosion of its landline business. Bezeq has invested some NIS 5 million in the new service in marketing and subcontracting, and has already enlisted more than 10,000 new subscribers. The service includes about 200 games, which Bezeq emphasizes are not the simple ones found on every Internet portal, but games that are sold in stores for up to NIS 400 each.

Israel Aerospace Industries will cut back on its private jet production line that it operates together with the U.S. firm Gulfstream, from about 36 planes planned for 2009 to just 18. The cost of building a private jet is $13-$15 million. The cutback is expected to hurt not just IAI revenues, but those of its subcontractors - local mid-sized metal working companies. Gulfstream and IAI production plans were amended two months ago when the global economic crisis caused a sharp decline in demand for new and leased private jets.

Channel 10 television is launching a new service for the short-memoried: an SMS reminder to your cell phone that your show is about to start. Naturally, management there isn't reading coffee grinds - you have to sign up for the service, through the Nana 10 Web site. You choose the programs you want to be reminded about, as well as whether you'd rather have a text message or a video clip, and agree to pay NIS 1.50 per message. The truth is, not all the shows are listed, but the weekly Euroleague game is. So are Championship games, "Screen Saver with Amnon Levy", "The Naked Truth" and more. You'll be glad to know that at a later phase more shows, such as "Survival II" will also be available. (Ophir Bar-Zohar)