Business in Brief

Channel 2 losers now gun for Channel 10

Businessmen Mordechai Zisser and Ami Giniger are engaged in initial contacts regarding a possible investment in Channel 10. Giniger and Zisser recently cooperated in the Canne Group's failed bid for a Channel 2 franchise. The duo invested an estimated NIS 6 million each in the Channel 2 bid. Giniger is part owner of studio and production company Taya Communications, and Zisser owns, among other things, parts of Europa-Israel and Elbit Medical Imaging. Giniger's spokesman, Moti Scharf, declined to comment on the report, as did Channel 10. (Roni Koren-Dinar and Sivan Klingbail)

Biogen Idec sells plant to Genentech

Biogen Idec announced late last week that it had agreed to sell its ill-fated California facility to Genentech for $408 million. The factory was to produce the anti-multiple sclerosis drug Tysabri, but the company pulled the drug from the shelves over safety concerns in February. The approximately 430 employees currently at the facility are expected to either be offered employment at Genentech or retained by Biogen. A Biogen spokesman said that Biogen's decision to sell the plant did not mean it was planning to scale back its manufacturing capacity for Tysabri, but rather it was planning a more efficient manufacturing process. (Yoram Gavison)