Braverman Advancing to Finance Committee

Knesset House Committee to discuss replacing Stas Misezhnikov with Avishay Braverman as Knesset Finance Committee chairman.

The Knesset House Committee will convene today to discuss replacing Knesset Finance Committee chairman Stas Misezhnikov of Yisrael Beiteinu with Avishay Braverman of the Labor Party.

If the House Committee approves the motion, the Finance Committee will meet to vote on Braverman as its chairman. The Shas party has already announced that it will oppose the appointment, unless its demand to increase child allowances is accepted. On the other hand, Knesset sources whisper that Braverman will receive support among the Arab factions.

Braverman's appointment is just one in a general shakeup, which will place coalition whip Eli Aflalo in the seat of minister for the development of the Galilee, and Ruhama Avraham at the Tourism Ministry. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert says he will shortly bring the appointments before the House for approval.