Blue Square, Super-Sol Ad War Heats Up

Supermarket chain Blue Square sent a letter to the Second Broadcast Authority's advertising division on Sunday, complaining that people are being misled by Super-Sol Deal's slogan "Your money buys you more." Blue Square argues that its subsidiary Mega Bool offers lower prices than those at Super-Sol Deal. Blue Square refers to an article in Yedioth Ahronoth's business and finance magazine Mamon last Friday, which says Mega Bool offers the lowest prices.

"Super-Sol's misleading of the public is even graver in these times of recession and difficult economic conditions, as the public prepares for big shopping trips in preparation for the Passover holiday," Blue Square argues in its letter. The company is demanding that Super-Sol stop using the ad, and that the documentation Super-Sol provided be reviewed.

Blue Square waged a campaign about two months ago against a similar Super-Sol Deal slogan - "Your money buys more. It's confirmed." In this case Blue Square told the Second Broadcast Authority that the slogan had not been based on 2009 prices. The authority ordered Super-Sol to either correct the slogan or substantiate it - which Super-Sol was able to do, so Super-Sol was allowed to continue using the ad.

Super-Sol says it's confident in its surveys. "Super-Sol's data have shown for years, and for hundreds of items, that Super-Sol Deal offers the least expensive basket of groceries, and this is the case this year as well, despite data from a single survey limited in both scope and the number of items surveyed." The Second Authority said it is handling the complaint.