Ben-Gurion Traffic Sets New Record in 2007 as Tourists Return

The year 2007 was a record year for international traffic at Ben-Gurion Airport. The 10 millionth traveler this year landed yesterday. The previous record was set in 2000 when 9.3 million passengers, arriving and departing, passed through Ben-Gurion.

The Israel Airports Authority estimates that a total of 10.1 million international passengers will pass through the airport this year, a 14.5% rise over 2006. The number of flights for 2007 will reach 63,200, up 10% from last year.

Forecasts for 2008 are for an even better year, with about a 5% rise in passengers. International opinion surveys have ranked Ben-Gurion as one of the better airports in the world, particularly in terms of security and service.