Ben-Gurion Shopping to Be Accessorized

In an attempt to address its failure in operating the Shchakim shopping mall at Ben-Gurion Airport, the Israel Airports Authority (IAA) will alter the variety of its stores and brands. The IAA conducted a tour yesterday for candidates in the tender to operate a sunglasses and optical glasses store. The tender will be the first in a series over the coming months in an effort to rejuvenate the shopping center. The IAA said its analysis of two years of mall operations found "that the mall activity attracts mainly young clientele, and we therefore decided to place more emphasis on leading fashion brands," adding that a substantial portion of the stores in the mall have garnered revenues equal to - or in excess of - those located in large urban malls. The IAA has decided that the new mixture, which will include mainly clothing and accessory shops, will be aimed at establishing the Shchakim mall as a separate commercial attraction among an array of stores at the airport.