Attempts to Stop New Air Strike

Attempts to avert another strike in the airline industry that would disrupt air transport to and from Israel, were made during an emergency meeting held between Ministry of Transport Director General Gideon Siterman and the Israeli Civil Aviation Authorty (ICAA) workers' committee, TheMarker has learnt.

The committee held an emergency meeting early this week to discuss imposing sanctions against the management in light of plans made for the company's reorganization without consultation or prior agreement with the committee. It was decided to suspend action until after the meeting with the CEO.

Following the meeting with Siterman, the committee decided to consult with the Histadrut Labor Federation on whether to commence sanctions immediately, or to allow more time for discussions with management.

The planned ICAA strike would particularly disrupt charter and ad hoc flights, which would not be authorized. In addition, requests for additional regular flights submitted by airlines during the upcoming winter season would not be handled, and flight inspection activity and pilot licensing would be suspended.

The planned reorganization includes the acquisition of 60 new employees and expansion of subcontracted works. Employees of the ICAA are concerned that the new employees could jeopardize their professional standing and salaries.

The committee's efforts to meet with Ministry of Transport officials to discuss the issues were unsuccessful as of yesterday.