Attempt Today to Stop Airport Strike

The management of the Israel Airports Authority (IAA) and the workers will meet today in an attempt to head off disruptions at Ben-Gurion Airport.

IAA employees, with the full support of the Histadrut Labor Federation, are threatening to disrupt airport operations in protest over the authority's plan to fire 120 temporary workers, TheMarker has learned.

Negotiations started over the weekend between the two sides, but the talks ended with no results. As a result of the failure, the employees published an announcement: "The firing of these employees - porters and cleaning staff - with the excuse of a weakened economic situation at the IAA as a result of the drop in the dollar, at the same time as the CEO of the IAA is passing out monetary benefits - such as the status of division and departments heads with no justification - shows that the only purpose of the lay-offs is to prevent the fulfilling of agreements with no relation to the financial situation. The salary of one division head would keep six families."

The IAA responded that the workers to be fired will be invited to hearings before a final decision is made. The spokeswoman explained that every year, at the end of the summer and holiday seasons, the IAA adjusts the number of workers to its needs.