Arkia Pilots Air Beefs With Company Management

Arkia pilots lashed out at the leadership of Chairman of the Board Rafi Har Lev during recent meetings with company executives. The meetings, held in two rounds, included one with Arkia owner Avi Nakash.

The pilots criticized daily management of the company and accused the management of irregularities. They also complained about the lack of a CEO and charged that Har Lev's role and scope of authority were unclear.

Finally, they expressed doubts about the present management's ability to implement strategic reforms in the company.

The pilots also asked to be included in meetings about shaping the company's image and improving its economic situation. Arkia's market share of international flights dropped from 4.5 percent to 3.8 percent in September.

Nakash responded that he was prepared to meet with each pilot individually.

An Arkia spokesperson confirmed the meetings but denied that there had been any criticism. "The contrary is true," she said.