Antitrust Targetting Summer Childcare

Is your nursery school on vacation in August, but you still have to pay?

Antitrust Commissioner Ronit Kan is investigating whether private nursery schools are violating the law by setting identical summer schedules and payment terms. They all go on vacation at the same time, usually the last three weeks of August, but demand payment for the entire month. These are only some of the terms in the contract recommended by the Israeli association of private nursery schools, even though member schools are not required to adopt them.

The Antitrust Authority has received numerous complaints from parents, and the association agreed - after talks with the Authority - to remove certain business recommendations from its standard contracts, such as fines for cancelling participation in summer activities, as well as payment schedules for summer childcare.

The Antitrust Authority is addressing other groups of private nursery schools over similar matters, in order to increase the competition between childcare providers and give parents more choice - and maybe even lower prices.

But, if the nursery schools continue to have their vacations at the same time, the Authority will not stop them, it confirmed.