...and State Watchdog Workers to Get Raise

Wages at the State Comptroller's Office are updated every two years. The latest adjustment will result in raises of 3.6% for management and 5.5% for auditers, according to an internal document. Gross salaries of management level employees willl rise by NIS 251-NIS 275 a month, while auditors and other professional workers will receive a boost of NIS 465 to NIS 961 a month.

Employees of the State Comptroller's Office, like those of the Bank of Israel and the Knesset, are the best-paid in the public sector. Also, they had been outside the purview of the treasury's wages department.

A spokesman for the State Comptroller's Office said yesterday that wage terms, which were set in 1978 and approved by the National Labor Court and the Knesset Finance Committee, are part of the collective bargaining agreement between the State Comptroller's Office and the Histadrut Labor Federation. The wage agreement is based on four salary levels, and workers do not receive annual bonus ("13th month") salaries, extra pay for on-call work and other such benefits.

According to an internal document from the office of the spokesman for the State Comptroller, the introduction of a new wage scale for new employees is being considered.