Analysis / Vote for the Consumer

In 1997, the ministerial legislative committee received a proposal to cancel the antitrust exemption for the aviation industry.

The proposed change was led by then-antitrust commissioner David Tadmor. His proposal was to forbid price-fixing of airline tickets between companies, in order to guarantee competition that would lower prices and improve customer service.

Even then, Tadmor did not succeed in navigating the barriers the airlines placed in his path.

In the U.S. and Europe, the aviation industry has been competitive and subject to antitrust law for years. U.S. authorities have been managing a broad investigation into the agreements between airlines that have raised airfreight prices. El Al is among the companies being investigated.

The international investigation is a good opportunity for the Knesset to discuss the matter, and to consider its commitments. Are the MKs committed to the airlines, or to the public who voted for them to guard their interests?

Knesset members are supposed to vote against harming the public interest; therefore they should support the changes. They should not dare to grasp for technical explanations, which are nothing but excuses to avoid a decision in favor of consumers.