Airports Authority Round of Appointments Dubbed Illogical'

The Movement for Quality Government in Israel complained yesterday to Transportation Minister Ephraim Sneh about "serious flaws in the round of appointments planned at the Airports Authority."

"Bringing in various candidates to fill key positions at the Airports Authority, such as the new director, Major General (res.) Gabi Ophir raises serious questions," the organization charged in a letter to the minister that was also sent to top officials at the Airports Authority. Ophir served as the head of the Israel Defense Forces Home Front Command.

"What is the logic of conducting a round of senior appointments now, when a new director will soon assume his post and encounter a fait accompli that will make it difficult for him to do his job and will restrict his range of freedom to shape the Airports Authority according to his vision, as is expected of a new director," the letter continued.

The organization suggested that there seems to be a last-minute effort underway to appoint various political cronies that would present the new director with a given, irreversible situation.

The letter specifically attacks plans to appoint Ephraim Itzkovich to head the directorate of the Airport 2000 Project, arguing that the appointment would be inappropriate in light of the state comptroller's criticism of Itzkovich's role in previous construction projects.