Airlines: War Has Not Affected Bookings for Flights Abroad

The war in Lebanon has so far not affected bookings of flights leaving Israel for the month of August. For September and the High Holy Days in October, there has even been a rise in bookings, despite the fighting, according to a study conducted by TheMarker.

Ofer Kisch, CEO of Lufthansa in Israel, said: "We were surprised by the demand, since figures show an increase of 5 percent in bookings of flights abroad last week, despite the war in Lebanon.

"I interpret this to mean that the Israeli public thinks that the war will not last long. Despite this, I am aware that the situation is fluid, and if it gets more complicated, or if the war goes on, then the cancelations will come."

Roby Herskowitz, CEO of Brussels Airlines, also reported stable bookings for August, but said that there had been a 10 percent cancelation rate for July.

Canadian and American airlines reported similar situations.

The local CEO of Air Canada, Ruth Ben-Zur, said that the High Holy Days period is expected to be very good, because many Israelis who canceled their summer holidays because of the fighting have in fact only postponed them until October.

Esty Herskowitz of Delta Airlines told TheMarker that flights for August have been almost completely full since before the fighting broke out, and that has not changed. For September and October, there have been no significant fluctuations or cancelations.