A Tip for Margalit Tzan'ani

Proctor & Gamble, which last year acquired Tip laundry detergent from Unilever Israel, has chosen singer Margalit Tzan'ani to feature in its advertising campaigns for laundry detergents in the coming year. Tzan'ani will receive about $65,000 (NIS 300,000) for her role in the campaigns and in sales promotion and public relations activities.

Tzan'ani was chosen from a long list of stars considered by P&G, including singers Orna Datz and Miki Kam and actress Hanna Laszlo. The new campaign, prepared by the Geller Nissim advertising agency, will be built around "Margol" Tzan'ani's image.

"Tzan'ani was chosen," explained a Geller Nissim spokesperson, "because she epitomizes both the natural intelligence and `street wiseness' of the Israeli woman, who is not easily fooled. In order to ensure that Margol comes across as naturally as possible, the agency will involve her in drafting the images and writing the script."

The first campaign using Margol's image will be launched in the coming months.

The campaign featuring Tzan'ani is not P&G's first marketing activity with Tip since purchasing it from Unilever. The company's first Tip campaign aimed at setting it apart from the competition was based on its pleasant fragrance. That campaign, however, was unsuccessful at significantly increasing the brand's sales.

Tip currently controls a tiny 3-percent share of the laundry detergents market, which is valued at about NIS 250 million annually.