42 Local Authorities, Religious Councils Withholding Salaries

According to a document submitted by the Histadrut labor union to the National Labor Court prior to the hearing scheduled for today, 22 local authorities and 20 religious councils continue to withhold wages. About half have not paid salaries for two months, and the rest have not paid November wages, or have paid only a small part. The Histadrut is threatening another strike in the civil sector.

"The repeated withholding of wages resurfaces periodically, even when the state transfers one-time payments" to solve the issue, sources in the Histadrut said. The key to a solution to the problem, and to ensuring payment of salaries and social benefits in the future, is sanctions and punishment of heads of cities.

Employees of the Kfar Yassif Local Council, who have not received their salaries for six months, will hold a demonstration in front of the National Labor Court during the scheduled hearing.