Top Official: 'Price Tag' Attacks Are Acts of Terror Meant to Drag Israel Into Religious War

Amos Gilad adds: Al-Qaida type terrorist groups are slowly growing in Gaza Strip; Egypt conducting impressive military operation in Sinai.

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So-called "price tag" attacks represent criminal acts of terror meant to drag Israel into a religious Armageddon, a senior Israeli security official said on Monday, adding that Jerusalem must do everything it can to retain its peace treaty with Egypt.

Speaking at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism's 12th world summit, Amos Gilad, the Defense Ministry's director for policy and political-military affairs, referred to recent acts of violence against Palestinians and Israeli Arabs, saying that the right-wing activists who perpetrate "price tag" attacks must be restrained.

“Price tag is murder, it is criminal terror meant to drag Israel in a religious, national Armageddon,” Gilad said. Referring to a recent firebomb attack against a Palestinian taxi in the West Bank and the attempted lynch in Jerusalem last month, Gilad said Israel should treat the incidents as it treats terrorist attacks targeting Israelis.

During his speech at the Israel Air Force culture house in Herzliya, Gilad examined the current geopolitical situation in the Middle East. According to Gilad, Israel's security cooperation with Egypt is conducted as a dialogue, and adjustments were made in the security addendum of the Camp David Peace Treaty. Gilad recommended Israel try and keep good relations with Egypt.

“The peace [between Israel and Egypt] should be guarded every day. It’s hard to see how our security condition would remain stable without there being peace with Egypt,” he said. “There are a lot of Al-Qaida types of terrorist groups in Sinai. Israel and Egypt should do everything to fight it (terrorism).”

Gilad added that Egypt's military campaign in Sinai is being carried out impressively, and that Egyptian officials have already destroyed tunnels leading to the Gaza Strip. On the state of affairs in Gaza, Gilad said, "Al-Qaida type terrorist groups are slowly growing there. There were connections between sources in Gaza and those in Sinai, who carried out the horrible murder in Egypt." Gilad was referring to the incident on August 5, when armed militants attacked an Egyptian military post, killing 16 soldiers.

Amos GiladCredit: Moti Kimche