Post Without a Past / Jerusalem Post Loses Internet Archive as Relaunch Goes Awry

The online archive of The Jerusalem Post has been erased - temporarily, according to the newspaper - with articles published since January now inaccessible to Web visitors.

Employees at the daily said yesterday that the archive crashed amid work to upgrade and redesign the site several months ago.

"Four months ago we decided to redesign the site," an editor told Haaretz. "It's not clear how it happened, but the archive has been totally erased from the Web."

Employees said they received an e-mail a month after the crash from then-site editor Shani Rosenfelder stating that the company conducting the site's redesign believed the Web search engine Google would be able to reload the archive. Rosenfelder wrote that the entire process would take around 10 days.

"This is a catastrophe," the editor said. "No one understands what happened, and how and why it hasn't been fixed."

The newspaper said in response, "The Jerusalem Post Web site is undergoing a gradual upgrade. Nothing has been lost - we are currently working on the new format, and the archived material will reappear in the coming days."