Poll: Livni Will Beat Mofaz in Landslide to Clinch Kadima Leadership

Poll predicts that Livni will win 47 percent of the vote and Mofaz 28 percent in Wednesday's vote.

The polls predict a landslide victory for Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni over her main opponent, Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz, in Wednesday's Kadima primary. Two days before Kadima voters go to the ballot box, a poll conducted by Haaretz-Dialog and Channel 10 predicts that Livni will win 47 percent of the vote and Mofaz 28 percent, while Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit and Public Security Minister Avi Dichter would each get 6 percent.

The poll, conducted among 1,808 registered voters - supervised by Prof. Camil Fuchs of Tel Aviv University's statistics department - shows that even in a second-round runoff vote, Livni would beat Mofaz by a 17 percent margin, with 50 percent versus 33 percent.

However, Mofaz, with his wife Orit at his side, together with ministers Ruhama Avraham and Ze'ev Boim and MK Otniel Schneller, told a rally of women Monday at a Netanya hotel, "the media will not determine the outcome and neither will the polls. People will decide."

Mofaz predicted that "by Rosh Hashanah, we'll be ready to set the foundation for the coalition so that by November, I will present the new coalition."

Mofaz told reporters on Sunday that from his talks "with faction heads within and outside of the coalition, there is a common understanding on establishing a coalition based on the current one." Mofaz said he also reached understandings with Shas' Yishai over the reinstatement of child allowances to their former levels.

Livni, meanwhile, warned voters not to allow her lead in the polls to make them complacent."Not voting is an irresponsible act. We can't afford it," Livni said at a rally Sunday at the Tel Aviv Exhibition Grounds

According to the Livni campaign, between 13 and 18 percent of Kadima voters remained undecided two days before the vote.

Voting will begin at 10 A.M. Wednesday, at 144 voting booths at 93 sites, and it will end around 10 hours later. After the count, the ballots will be placed in a locked box that will be brought to the Exhibition Grounds. There, the results will get final approval by the chairman of the party's central elections committee.