Poll: Jewish Public Split Over Call Not to Rent to Arabs

A majority of Jews in the country, 55%, support a law that would require people seeking Israeli citizenship to vow loyalty to the Jewish, democratic state.

A poll shows 44% of Jewish Israelis support rabbis' calls to refrain from renting apartments to Arabs in Safed. Less than half - 48% - of Jews in the country oppose these calls.

These findings are part of a new survey conducted jointly by the Harry S Truman Institute for the Advancement of Peace at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (PSR ). The survey shows that 40% of Israel's Jewish population supports a law that would enable small communities to reject new candidates for admission on the grounds of cultural-social "lack of suitability." Again, less than half of Jewish respondents, 48%, oppose such exclusion.

A majority of Jews in the country, 55%, support a law that would require people seeking Israeli citizenship to vow loyalty to the Jewish, democratic state; just 27% of Jewish respondents oppose this law.

A slim majority, 52%, of the Jewish population opposes a proposed law that would prohibit women from wearing a veil or forms of headdress in public areas. 10% of Jews and 3% of Arabs would support this law were it to apply only to Muslims; 30% of Jews and 9% of Arabs would support it were it to apply to everyone; and just 1% of Jews would support it were it to apply only to Jews.

A thin majority of Israelis, 54%, would support talks with Hamas were they deemed necessary to attain compromise agreements with the Palestinians. 41% of Israelis oppose the idea of such talks. 32% of Israelis support the plan proposed by the Arab League (the "Saudi plan" ) for a peace arrangement; 61% oppose it. Among Palestinians, 54% support the plan, whereas 42% oppose it. In contrast, 52% of Israelis support the Clinton peace framework, and 39% oppose it; among Palestinians, 40% support the framework, and 58% oppose it.

Palestinians are split about a scenario whereby Israel would evacuate the West Bank, apart from settlement blocs constituting 3% of the West Bank area, with other lands relayed to the Palestinians in compensation for this 3% retention by Israel. 49% of Palestinians say they would support, or strongly support, such an arrangement; 50% say they would oppose, or strongly oppose, such a peace deal. Among Israelis, 49% support a peace deal based on this arrangement; 43% oppose such a deal.

A minority of Palestinians, 41%, support a solution to the refugee question based on UN Resolutions 242 and 194, according to which refugee return to Israel would be limited and dependent upon Israel's discretion, and refugees would have the option to settle in a new Palestinian state or move to other countries such as Australia, Canada or European states, and also receive compensation. A majority of Palestinians, 57%, oppose such an arrangement.

The survey was based on samples of 511 Jewish respondents and 408 Arab respondents. The margin of error is 4.5%.